I’ve Moved from Medium to Bulletin

I long appreciated the Medium platform for its spare design and simple tools for writing and integrating a variety of media. This was a great space to work in after I ended my nine-year span of Dot Earth blogging at The New York Times.

But I’ve moved my base of operation to two places.

There I’ve already tackled everything from confronting the societal sources of climate vulnerability that get missed when we focus too much on climate change to last-ditch tactics that might save the world’s most endangered and tiniest cetacean — Mexico’s vaquita porpoise.

My latest post took on the toughest of all low-probability, mega-impact threats — the still-real prospect that a rock from space could derail the human experiment.

I hope you’ll explore my posts so far, subscribe (it’s free for a good long while to come and you don’t need to be on Facebook) and offer ideas for future writing and webcasts.

Wherever I am, my goal is to foster reality-based paths to progress for you, the rest of our divine and felonious species and this still-wondrous planet.



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Andy Revkin

Andy Revkin

Pursuing progress on a finite planet at @columbia @earthinstitute. The rest? Family, friends, books j.mp/revkinbooks, songs j.mp/revkinmusic